Business Law

Business owners invest a great amount of time, effort and resources into making their companies successful, and ES Swanson Law understands business owners need reliable, efficient and cost-effective answers to their questions. With a degree in finance, years of experience advising companies, and owning a business herself, Erin is well prepared to help you answer questions, address unexpected issues, and protect yourself for the future.

ES Swanson Law represents a variety of clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Erin’s clients have included authors, beauty salons, mechanics, medical device companies, Internet-based businesses, construction companies, manufacturers, and many others. These companies range in size from one-owner businesses, to third-generation family companies, to large corporations owned by holding companies abroad.

Some specific areas in which Erin has helped clients include:

Business Organizations: Advising owners regarding business structures and liability protection, incorporating new companies, and preparing control agreements among business owners.

Contracts: Drafting and reviewing customer agreements, vendor contracts, sales agreements, manufacturer representative agreements, construction contracts and other miscellaneous agreements.

Transactions: Negotiating domestic and international transactions, drafting letters of intent and purchase agreements, reviewing financial statements, performing due diligence research and advising clients regarding legal risks.

Intellectual Property: Registering trademarks and copyrights, drafting licenses and enforcing intellectual property rights.

E-Commerce: Drafting user agreements, privacy policies, and website terms and conditions and advising companies on methods for protecting their branding online.

Succession Planning: Preparing buy-sell agreements and other documentation for business owners after identifying client goals for the futures of their businesses.

Real Estate: Negotiating and reviewing commercial leases and purchase agreements.

Employment: Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, and handbooks.

Compliance: Managing client compliance with regulatory authorities.

Research: Researching legal issues and analyzing statutes, regulations, and case law to render opinions.