Minnesota Corporate Trademarks in the News

Local shoppers may be disappointed to learn a popular boot company has been sued for trademark infringement. Ugglebo Clogs, a Minnesota company located in Chisago City, recently commenced a lawsuit against the maker of UGG boots. Ugglebo Clogs claims it has priority trademark rights to the name “Ugglebo” and Deckers Outdoor Corp. is infringing on those rights by selling footwear under the UGG brand. Ugglebo Clogs have been sold for almost fifty years, which the lawsuit claims is longer than UGG footwear has been on the market. The case raises several issues regarding trademark priority, especially in light of the fact that Ugglebo Clogs has not registered “Ugglebo” as a trademark in Minnesota, and did not file a federal trademark application until February 2010. To read the full story from the Star Tribune, click here.

Other local companies could learn some lessons from this example. Every business has valuable intellectual property in the form of trademarks that build the reputation and public awareness of the company. Check back later this week for tips on protecting trademark assets.