2012 New Business Filings Up Over 2011

  The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State has announced that new business filings for 2012 (through April 30th) have increased over the same period last year.  Monthly averages for the first four months of the year were all higher than they were in 2011.  For April, the new business filings increased 23% percent […]

When Do I Have to Show An Employee His/Her Employment File?

This week I received three calls from different employees frustrated with their employers for various reasons.  One had been terminated and wanted to know her options, the second had been threatened with a performance improvement plan that she believed was a retaliatory action, and the third believed she was being discriminated against and wanted to […]

Reflections on the New Year

2011 brought many good things both for me personally and for ES Swanson Law.  I joined the Referral Partners Chapter of BNI, and have made a number of good connections with generous, hard-working and qualified people.  I have continued to serve as the Community Service Coordinator of the Rotary Club of Northwest Hennepin County.  Our […]

Minnesota Department of Revenue Launches New E-Service System

Last week, the Minnesota Department of Revenue launched a new e-service system.  The new system offers a wider variety of online services for business taxpayers.  In addition to its new functions, the new system gives users heightened security features.  Businesses will be transferred to the new system over the next three months.  Each Monday, a […]

Employee Drug Testing Part III: When an Employee Tests Positive

This week we will complete the discussion of the complexities of employee drug testing laws in Minnesota. We have been addressing drug testing issues in three segments: The first post covered Part I:  When to Administer Drug Tests. Last week we discussed Part II:  What Policies and Procedures Your Company Must Follow. This week we address […]

Employee Drug Testing Part II: Policy Requirements

  Last post we began discussing the complexities of the laws governing employee drug testing in Minnesota.  We are addressing drug testing issues in three segments: The last post covered Part I:  When to Administer Drug Tests. This week we will discuss Part II:  What Policies and Procedures Your Company Must Follow. Next week we […]

Employee Drug Testing

  Minnesota law protects employees from unfair drug and alcohol testing, and therefore employers are only allowed to test employees and independent contractors for drugs in certain circumstances.  In addition, the law protects employees with a first-time positive test result and prevents employers from automatically terminating them.  Because the drug testing laws are somewhat complex, […]

Does Your Company Need a Contract to Buy Key-Man Insurance?

QUESTION:  My friend Jimmy co-owns a business and wants to buy key-man insurance.  Does he need a contract to do so?   ANSWER:  In short, it depends on the purposes for which the company is buying the key-person insurance.   Let’s start by covering the basics of key person insurance. Key person insurance is an […]

ES Swanson Law Has Moved!

  ES Swanson Law has moved to a new office in Plymouth!  The firm is now located at: ES Swanson Law, PLLC 3340-B Annapolis Lane N Plymouth, MN 55447 (612) 564-5292 (This phone number has NOT changed.)           The new office boasts easy accessibility, free parking, and quiet conference rooms.  ES […]

Responding to Cease-and-Desist Letters

  Consider this: You had a great business idea, and after developing a business plan and a viable budget, you went to the Secretary of State’s Office and filed Articles of Incorporation to start a new company.  The Secretary of State accepted your Articles of Incorporation without any questions, so you purchased insurance for the […]