Artwork Created by Animals Is Not Copyright Eligible

  The U.S. Copyright Office has publicly announced that it will not grant copyright protection to artwork created by animals. This issue gained attention recently, when photographer David Slater fought the Wikimedia Foundation regarding rights to photographs taken by monkeys on his camera.  In 2011, Mr. Slater traveled to Indonesia.  After coming upon some monkeys […]

Chicks Who Click

ES Swanson Law is pleased to announce that Erin Schulte Swanson has been invited to speak at the August 2011 meeting of Chicks Who Click, a local group of women photographers who meet to share skills, discuss new trends in the industry, and socialize. While the agenda is still being finalized, at this time Erin […]

Busting the Top Ten Business Myths

This morning I gave a presentation to my BNI group called “Busting the Top Ten Business Myths.”  The presentation discussed common perceptions held by business owners and employees that I have encountered in my practice.  Some of these views are true, but we “busted” many of these views as myths. Do you know whether these […]

Does Your Company Own Its Workers’ Ideas?

A television drama series recently focused one of its episodes on the ownership of ideas created by an employee of a business. The series, “Fairly Legal,” airs on the USA Network and follows the life of a mediator as she tries to simultaneously resolve her professional mediation cases and navigate the challenges in her personal […]