Help! My Competitor is Using my Company Name in Google AdWords!

  QUESTION:  I just discovered one of my competitors is using my company name in its Google AdWords advertising campaign.  What should I do? ANSWER:  Your company has likely developed common law trademark rights to the use of its name, and if you have gone through a formal trademark registration process, you may have also […]

Reflections on the New Year

2011 brought many good things both for me personally and for ES Swanson Law.  I joined the Referral Partners Chapter of BNI, and have made a number of good connections with generous, hard-working and qualified people.  I have continued to serve as the Community Service Coordinator of the Rotary Club of Northwest Hennepin County.  Our […]

Chicks Who Click

ES Swanson Law is pleased to announce that Erin Schulte Swanson has been invited to speak at the August 2011 meeting of Chicks Who Click, a local group of women photographers who meet to share skills, discuss new trends in the industry, and socialize. While the agenda is still being finalized, at this time Erin […]

Are Footlong Sandwiches Trademarks?

Sandwich terminology has become the focus of a new trademark infringement lawsuit.  Casey’s General Stores, Inc., an Iowa-based chain of convenience stores, sued Subway seeking the determination that the term “footlong” is generic and is therefore not eligible for trademark protection.  While this suit popped up just last week, the dispute regarding trademark rights to […]